The counsellors at the FamilyCenter work with you and/or your family towards personal growth, better communication, and healthy relationships. Whether you are going through a divorce or feeling overwhelmed with stress, our counselling services can support the whole family, through individual counselling, couple counselling, child counselling, or family therapy.


 Is your Marriage…

  • lacking effective communication skills?
  • struggling with issues related to sex?
  • in trouble due to infidelity or addictions?


Is your Child or Adolescent..

  • struggling with anxiety or fear?
  • having difficulty adjusting to your separation or divorce?
  • presenting behaviour that is problematic or out of character?


Is your Family...

  • caught in negative patterns of relating?
  • unable to resolve difficult issues from the past or from the present?
  • struggling with transitions, loss or conflict?


Are you wanting therapy to..

  • undo the impact of physical, sexual or emotional abuse?
  • manage depression, anxiety or panic attacks?
  • change patterns and be able to maintain healthy relationships?

What are clients are saying about our counselling services...

"engaging, hard work that has helped me and my wife communicate better"

"the team approach really helped our family"

"I almost always leave session feeling empowered and hopeful"

We are a team. We provide an integrated approach and a variety of expertise that allows us to provide the whole family with integrated treatment. However, we never share information with each other or other family members without your expressed permission.
We are unique. Each one of our therapists is trained specifically in Marriage and Family Therapy. This does not mean we only know how to see families. What it means is that we are trained to look at behaviours not as the fault of sickness of an individual in isolation, but in terms of interactions designed to protect or maintain the systems you live in. Ideally, treatment involves all players within the system. However, when others are unwilling to participate while individuals are trying to change, therapy then focusses on what your own role in the system is and how to change yourself.

We are more than a listening ear. We know that real and lasting change comes with helping you confront the issues that keep you stuck or repeating patterns.

We are dedicated to deliver the highest level of counselling services. Each one of us is committed to ongoing training, reading, and personal development to ensure this. Our location, offices and policies are all set up to guarantee the highest level of confidentiality. In addition, we are accredited with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors which ensures that counsellors offer ethical professional and competent counselling services.

Virginia Reimer MA RCC

Head shot of Virginia Counsellor

Marriage and Family Therapist
Counselling Couples, Individuals and Families.
Learn more about Virginia and her specialties.

Jade Seabrook Intern


Marriage and Family Therapist
Counselling Couples, Individuals and Families. Sliding scale fees.
Learn more about Jade and her specialties.

Bruce Reimer MA RCC


Marriage Family and Child Therapist
Counselling Children, Teens and Parents.
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